Current Programmes

Wake Up Pune has several regularly running programmes. These include:


General Public Awareness Campaign
Creative and entertainment based events (e.g. street theatre, kiosks, visual displays and other fun, thought-provoking activities) are utilised to spread the Wake Up Pune message in public settings such as bus stops, shopping malls, crowded markets, and neighborhood canvassing.


Corporate and Small Business Awareness
Wake Up Pune offers educational and interactive sessions for corporations and small businesses to increase awareness about HIV and sensitization to the stigma and discrimination faced by people with HIV.  We aim to create work environments where people living with HIV are supported and have no fear of losing their job because of their status.


School Awareness
Awareness sessions are taking place at schools throughout Pune. These have proved to be an excellent way to reach young people and educate them about the issues surrounding HIV.

According to a 2008 report by International Institute of Population Studies, only 24% of women and 11% of men in India had received any sex education from school.  Sex education is currently banned in Maharashtra.


Medical and Paramedical Awareness
Wake Up Pune strives to equip medical professionals with the proper knowledge to effectively promote HIV prevention and treat people living with HIV.  We also strive to sensitize the medical community to the needs and issues faced by people living with HIV.

We continue to hear stories of stigmatization and discrimination against people living with HIV by medical professionals in Pune.  Pre- and pos- HIV test counselling remains lacking at many testing facilities.


HIV Positive Bootcamps
Volunteers interested in becoming involved in WUP can attend our regularly scheduled bootcamps to gain a holistic knowledge of HIV and the issues surrounding it.  Additionally, we equip volunteers with the skills to become advocates, activists and educators with sessions devoted to public speaking, street theatre, disruptive theatre, and more.


Other Regularly Occurring Events

Condom Cricket

Next dates to be confirmed

Condom cricket is a regular game of cricket in which the sport acts as a metaphor for how HIV infects the body and affects it. The batting team take the side of protecting the human body (represented by the wickets), while the fielding team takes the side of HIV/AIDS and related illnesses. The batter tries to protect the health (wickets) by using a condom (bat) to ward off HIV (ball). The bowler continues to try to attack the body, while opportunistic infections (fielders) assist in helping HIV succeed. Sports vests with HIV, TB, Pneumonia etc printed across them will be worn during each game.

World AIDS Day – 1 December

Candle Light Vigil – 16 May