The Campaign

Launched in November 2006, the Wake Up Pune initiative is a concentrated effort to make Pune aware of the HIV epidemic that faces this city. Official figures report that in Jan-Oct 2007, 18,039 people in the city were tested for HIV at government testing centres. Of these, 12.27% tested positive. These figures exclude the thousands of people already living with HIV in Pune, along with those who are as yet unaware of their HIV+ status.

HIV does not discriminate. Caste, class, religion, no bar! There is a growing need to spread awareness to everyone while lessening the levels of stigma and discrimination directed towards those living with HIV. Different groups from civil society have joined forces to run the campaign. Members include NGOs, corporates, youth networks, media professionals and other concerned individuals.

The campaign’s primary goal is to provide a wake-up call for Puneites on the issue of HIV and AIDS. The key objectives are:-


  • Increase awareness among Puneites about HIV transmission           
  • Increase HIV risk perception
  • Increase knowledge and skills about HIV prevention
  • Increase awareness about HIC testing and care services
  • Sensitize on the need to support people living with HIV (PLHIV)
  • Reduce the levels of stigma and discrimination directed at PLHIV

Wake Up Pune aims to increase awareness in the larger community, and also to foster a new attitude about HIV in Pune. The primary message? BE HIV POSITIVE! This means:

Positive about Education – educating ourselves and others about HIV and AIDS
Positive about Awareness – raising awareness in our wider community
Positive about Support – reaching out to people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS

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