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  • AIDS RIDE 2014 November 18, 2013

    AIDSRIDE2014@AIDS2014 AIDS RIDE 2014, Hyderabad to Mumbai, is a segment of AIDS RIDE 2014, Washington DC, USA to Melbourne, Australia. AIDS RID 2014 is a continuity in connectivity of past 19th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) in Washington DC, USA and ensuing 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) in Melbourne, Australia, in July 2014, using bicycle rides between them, either complete bike ride or local bike rides based up on the topography! AIDS RIDE 2008 was first initiated at the 16th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2006) in Toronto, Canada by 2 Indian Activists and 2 Polish Canadian Activists. AIDS Ride has been organized by BCARE International and it’s supporting Networks of PLWHAs and NGOs. Ever since the AIDS RIDE was initiated, it has been official affiliated event of every periodical biggest International AIDS Conferences convened!

    AIDS Ride 2008: Toronto-Mexico City, 7th June – 3rd Aug 2008 Affiliated with 17th International AIDS Conference, Mexico City 2008. It was an incredible journey of 52 days (including 8 days rest) covered about 2900 miles. For more details:,

    AIDS Ride 2010: Mexico City, Mexico – Vienna, Austria, 1st, July 17th July 2010 Affiliated with 18th International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria 2010! We connected approx. 79 locations including 49 major cities. The total distance covered was 6,000 miles by 4 wheeler and we did local city bicycle events. And we took 23 days to complete the project.

    AIDS Ride 2012: Boston to Washington DC, 13th July – 22nd July, 2012 Affiliate with 19th International AIDS Conference, Washington DC., 2012. It was a 9 day complete bicycle journey covering 500 miles approx., to spread the word of HIV/AIDS and AIDS 2012

    AIDS RIDE 2014, Washington DC, USA to Melbourne, Australia is a series of bicycle rides taking place globally in selected countries that could form a pathway to 20th International AIDS Conference, Melbourne, Australia, (AIDS 2014), 20th – 25th July, 2014.,

    AIDS RIDE 2014 pathway comprises of the below bike events:

    AIDS RIDE 2014, Bangkok, Thailand, 18th Nov 2013, in conjunction with ICAAP11 2013.

    AIDS RIDE 2014, Hyderabad to Mumbai, India, 23rd Nov to 1st Dec 2013, in conjunction to WAD13.

    AIDS RIDE 2014, Cape Town, South Africa, 6th Dec 2013, in conjunction with ICASA 2013, SA.

    AIDS RIDE 2014, Melbourne, Australia, 19th July, 2014, in conjunction with AIDS 2014, Melbourne, Australia.

    Strategies: No single HIV strategy stands alone. They should all be incorporated in order to reach the goal of ZERO NEW HIV infections and deaths. Bike Ride to Retro Ride kick out strategy, Serostatus Approach to Fighting the Epidemic (SAFE)., Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PoEP), Pre-marital and Pre-natal HIV testing, No shame being HIV Positive, Stay Negative and Stop Discrimination, Preventing HIV/AIDS in young people, Preventing Mother to Child Transmission, etc

    The aims and objectives of AIDS Ride 2014 are as follows: 1) To raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, 2) To counter stigma and discrimination, thereby promoting and protecting human rights, and more specifically to embody in our actions the theme of the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014), 3) To bridge the geographical space between the 19th International AIDS Conference (Washington DC, United States) and the 20th International AIDS Conference (Melbourne, Australia) and 4) finally fundraising for NGOs and Networks involved in making AIDS RIDE 2014.

    Methodology and Focus: Mass communication from an individual to community population, involving bike ride using SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound) contribute to “ZERO NEW INFECTIONS” through traditional approach of ‘Adventures, Arts, Culture and Sports’ as an intervention to harness the epidemic in India and the global community!

    Indicators & Measures: Evaluations of HIV/AIDS awareness levels (Pre & Post event), Voluntary Testing and Counseling, Condom acceptance pre to post event, Number of persons identified to Link to Medical Care and Retention to HIV Medical care, Number of People with ARV and Viral Load suppressions and Number of people exercise to Healthy Sports like Bike Ride to Retro Ride participation,

    Operational Plan: Bicycle Marathon includes the following: Lessons from Positive speakers, Street Puppet Show, Distribution of IEC and Condoms, Movie, HIV Testing, Targeted Information- High Risk Groups, Fashion Show, Mural Paintings on HIV/AIDS, Free Hugs, Bang Drums, Hot Air Balloon etc.

    Distance and Route AIDS RIDE 2014, Hyderabad to Mumbai, India: Approximately 736 KM in 7 days, from Hyderabad to Mumbai- Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India covering, Sangareddy, Andhra Pradesh, Humnabad, Karnataka, Tuljapur, Maharashtra, Karnala, Maharashtra, Patas, Maharashtra, Pune, Maharashtra, Lonavala, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Route Map:

    Results: The participants and viewers of the AIDS Ride 2014 are actively engaged in the spirit of daily biking, cultural activities, clean habits and decreased infections of HIV! The behavioral changes may bring various segments of people with HIV/AIDS, Gays, Lesbians, Transgender and all walks of life to follow a healthier lifestyle. AIDS Ride results in sex education, reproductive health, awareness on HIV/AIDS associated TB and other STDs related awareness etc.

    Outcome (Impact, Long-Term Outcomes): Our global advocacy campaigns using bicycle marathon and our on road implementation strategies will complement our current position on global HIV epidemic and related issues. AIDS Ride had been giving a meaningful approach since after AIDS 2006, Toronto (AIDS RIDE 2008, AIDS RIDE 2010, AIDS RIDE 2012) in the continuity and connectivity of two biggest International AIDS Conferences. Apart from basic usage of bicycles for commuting, sports and recreations, the bicycles are also used for marathon like AIDS RIDE 2014, for a cause like campaigns against HIV/AIDS keeps us happy, healthy and humanitarian to amplify awareness on HIV/AIDS giving the world an AIDS Free Generation! In addition bike keeps everyone in stamina, endurance, flexibility, increased cardiovascular fitness, increased calories burned. Finally, bike produces no meaningful pollution. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” -Albert Einstein

    Collaborators: Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, (GHMC), Hyderabad, Indian Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS, (INP+) Advocacy Youth, Ghana,, Canton, Gram Bharati Samithi, Jaipur, Arcadia Grill, USA, ZARA realty, New York City, Advocacy Youth, Ghana, Aids Ride South Africa, Ltd, New York, Bandra Cycle Club, Mumbai, Mira Bhayander Cycle Club, OLCA Riders, Mumbai, Recycle Foundation, Mumbai etc

    It is in this light that we urge your involvement, participation and take up shared responsibility in alleviating the problem of HIV/AIDS! For us to be able to organize AIDS Ride 2014 bicycle event of 750KM approx.., from Hyderabad to Mumbai and your support is the most important factor and that we would greatly appreciate!

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