MELAVA+ 2013

On Sunday 4th August 2013, Deep Griha Society’s Integrated Services for HIV and AIDS (DISHA), Wake Up Pune and Santulan will host Melava+, their 4th annual matrimonial event for people living with HIV.

Though people living with HIV (PLHIV) can live a full and healthy life, one of the challenges they face is finding a life partner. All people deserve the opportunity to find love and get married.

In the past we have had over 150 participants, from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The travel costs for all female participants will be sponsored. The positive candidates will be joined by a similar number of family members, who’s role it will be to help find prospective partners for their kin.

The event will include meals, get-to-know-you games and an opportunity for family members to meet and discuss possible engagement!

Melava+ is an innovative mixture of the old and the new, combining a traditional matrimonial event with a more open and transparent atmosphere for people to seek out their life partner.

Unlike other matrimonial events, which attract people from the same caste, religion and state, Melava+ welcomes people from a variety of backgrounds.

For both individuals who will find partners and those who will not, the chance to meet other PLHIV will be an invaluable and life-changing experience.

To register please contact Avinash on 919321912910 or E-mail us at