India loses funds for fighting HIV/AIDS

VISAKHAPATNAM: Noted physician in city Padmasri Kootikuppala Surya Rao has lamented that India lost an opportunity to get global funds to control HIV/AIDS due to its failure to send an official delegate to the 2008 high level meeting on AIDS held in New York last week.

Talking to the media persons here on Wednesday, he said that if only the Health Minister or an official of the Government attended the meet held on June 10 and 11, India could have impressed the high level UN meet in which great personalities like former US president Bill Clinton were present, to get some funds for the cause of HIV/AIDS victims in the country, he felt. “I can understand the austerity measures. But you can’t have the same yard stick for all things. Had our Health Minister or someone attended it, it would have helped a great deal for AIDS patients here,” he stated.

Dr. Surya Rao was one of the 17 delegates from India at the meet, which was attended by nearly 1,700 people from all over the world.

Special Correspondent, The Hindu

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