Film to enlighten students on AIDS

Chandigarh, July 4
In the backdrop of an alarming increase in HIV/AIDS cases among the youth, the administration has devised a novel way to answer the queries of inquisitive schoolchildren on the issue.

Named as “Teesra Mahayudh”, this 45-minute film will be shown in all government schools of the city. The CDs of this movie have been dispatched to all schools.

“If the Third World War is to be fought, it has to be against AIDS, not humanity,” thats the way filmmaker V.K. Kaushik strives to attract the attention towards AIDS awareness.

It is a significant move for schoolchildren, especially those who come for evening classes of Alternate Innovative Education (AIE) centres and belong to most susceptible colonies and slum areas where the menace is shockingly high.

DPI (S) S.K. Setia believes that movies are the best medium to make the youth aware. He opined, “I have seen this film and it hits the subject matter. I have directed to send the CDs of this film to principals of all government schools and it will be shown to children,” he said.

G. S. Paul, for Tribune News Service

Based on social issue like drugs, call girls and foeticide, Kaushik has submitted his work with the education department to seek the final approval before being shown to the schoolchildren.

“Sex and drugs have entered our schools and colleges and children need to be taught about sex education. At present, I am busy making another film named Savera which is based on sex education,” said Kaushik.

His other productions include “Zindagi” which is based on drug addiction among the youth and “Doosra Dharam” which conveys the message that humanity is above all religions, a telefilm on female foeticide “Zara Socho Aap bhi aur Hum Bhi” and “Jaagte Raho”, which is again a wake up call against drugs and call girls.

Kaushik is so much obsessed with his passion of spreading awareness in the society through his art that he sold his car, house and his belongings to meet the film expenses, for which he has no regrets.

“Somehow with the help of my friends or out of my little resources, I could manage to make good lot of films for children. The only regret is that these social causes remain only a subject matter to talk about in their circle, but nobody makes efforts to come forward to help eradicate this social problems”.

When Setia was apprised of this dilemma, he immediately assured him to approach the higher authorities to find some wayout. “I will contact the higher authorities, if we could manage to finance the documentary “Savera” because eventually, it is being made specially for schoolchildren.”

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