International AIDS Conference 2008 Mexico – Day 1

Hey all,

Just wanted to send you a little update from Mexico. I made it here safely yesterday and ironically enough Azzi was on my flight just 5 rows behind me!! So we got to hang out some and are planning for margaritas later in the week. Nothing much really happened yesterday since it was the first day and the opening session wasn’t until the evening. I did find some Indian NGOs in the Global Village, but there wasn’t really anyone manning their booths yet so I will go back and stalk them later in the week. I did meet someone from Saheli though! Such a small world.

Today is the first really day of sessions and there’s some interesting stuff, particularly on religion and HIV prevention, as well as stigma and discrimination, so I’ll let you know if it’s anything good.

Hope you guys are great! I miss you all!


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