“The tearful tale of an aravaani” (poem by D. Dinesh Kumar)

Poem reprinted with kind permission from the author, D. Dinesh Kumar, who originally posted it to the AIDS-INDIA@yahoogroups.com mailing list.

"The tearful tale of an aravaani"

This is the story of an aravaani
woman trapped in a man’s body
as a man I was destined to rule this world
as a woman I desired to rule this world
yet here I am: this despicable maiden
all forlorn
with an epic so dark and tragic
that it would move a stone to tears.

Along the seashore
adorned in colorful hues
she roamed about, destitute,
with folded hands that clapped,
she begged with dignity

Many were those who
lashed at her with their tongues
leaving her to cry
heaping slurs on her:
broken hearted, she turned to silence

she became a sieve among souls
I asked the broken hearted maiden
And out she poured her story.

what then is the tragic tale of this aravaani?
well, let us listen to it.

the one who bore me in her womb scorned me
the one who sowed his seed made me weep
the ones born before me refused to see my face
the one born after me ran away in fear and scorn

I became blind, despite eyes to see
among my own I became a refugee
within my family I became an orphan
with food I got my daily dose of
earful of hurtful words
the elder one was like a thorn
the younger one was like a spear

Kill me with a knife and I’d gladly die
once, and with dignity
amidst these ignorant people
I died, without dying
not once but many times.

Then my tragic tale became a hurdle
for my fair sister’s wedding
my mother who nourished me
with her own blood
was ready with poison.
I decided that a chicken
should not die
in the hands of the hen that gave it life.
and I left..

to live among my own kind
I found my kindred folks
sister, mother they said
and nourished me with love
I surrendered my manhood
transformed into a woman
and glowed in pride
my life was complete at last.

passions shook me from head to toe
yes, I had my distractions
but was determined to live my life
like a lotus that stood tall in shallow water
slowly the will disappeared
blinded by desire
men flocked to my feet

I milked those who
came to eat my flesh
there was money in my hands too.
and then there was one who came as a customer
while I could not carry his child
I thought i would call him mine.

Trickery in the guise of marriage
treachery in the guise of love
he robbed me of my money
and abandoned me on the streets.

generously I gave to everyone
like a bountiful vessel
but was given a begging bowl instead

Who did this?

Who ? who? who?


D. Dinesh Kumar,

e-mail: <ethics.justice@gmail.com>

D. Dinesh Kumar,

e-mail: <ethics.justice@gmail.com>

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