Police arrest transsexuals, brawl ensues

BANGALORE: A drive against transsexuals on Monday landed the police in a soup at Banashankari. Activists working with transsexuals protested in front of Banashankari police station, demanding the release of six members who were arrested.

At 3.30 pm, the Girinagar police arrested six transsexuals who were collecting money near traffic signals and from shopkeepers. Trouble began at 4.30 pm, when activists went to the Banashankari ACPs office, urging him to release the arrested persons. When the police refused to release them, a heated argument ensued between the two groups, and the police arrested the activists also.

Times News Network

An hour later, more activists from organisations like Sangama, Samara and Garment and Textiles Workers Association staged a protest in front of the police station. The police arrested them too.

Manohar, from Sangama, said the police brutally attacked the activists as well as the transsexuals. But DCP (South) S Ravi denied any such charge. “We had started a drive against transsexuals and picked up some of them. We tried to explain to the activists, but when they started obstructing our work, we had to arrest them too.

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