Police purging hijras out of Bengaluru

Police subject hijras and human rights defenders to illegal detention and arrests, custodial torture and sexual assault

As India progresses, reaching out to the moon, Bengaluru has become a dangerous city for its citizens. especially the most vulnerable, and any one who dares to support them. In the last few weeks, there seems to be a drive against hijras in particular and any person without a secure place of work or livelihood security.

These vulnerable people are being arrested, beaten and harassed by the police.    In an age where street dogs and cattle are being enumerated, government employees are getting massive pay hikes, the transgenders are seen as totally unworthy of any attention. There is neither any data of how many people we are talking about and a total blank on how they can meet their basic needs to survive with dignity.

Housing, health support and ration cards are a distant dream for them. The only recognition that these sections of society get is when they are targeted by the police in drives like these. In our beautiful city that needs to be sold to investors and welcome tourists there is no place for many of us. It is only a matter of time when we are targeted.

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