NACO Statistics Advertisement 1st Dec 2008

The following are some statistics released through advertisement on 1st December 2008 to coincide with World AIDS Day by the National AIDS Control Organisation, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India;

National AIDS Control Programme III (2007-2012) is on.

The Red Ribbon Express (special train) has completed its 27,000 kilometer long journey to spread awareness across the length and breadth of India. It halted at 180 stations in 24 States and reached out to over 62 lakh (6.2 million) people with messages, over 1.1 lakh people have been counseled and about 68,000 resource persons trained.

Prevention achievement since July 2007

· 5,100 new Condom Vending Machines installed, taking the total number to 16,125

· 797 million condoms socially marketed

· Voluntary blood donation increased from 56.4% in July 2007 to 59.1% in November, 2008

· Sero reactivity amongst blood donors decreased from 0.36% in July 2007 to 0.34% in November, 2008

· 572 new Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres were established, taking the total to 4,817

· 10.55 million HIV tests were conducted

· 4.74 million pregnant women were tested and over 10,000 HIV positive mothers were provided with prophylactic treatment

Access to Treatment for People Living with HIV Increased:

· 54 new Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Centres were established, and the total is 181

· 102,203 new HIV positive adults and 6,844 HIV positive children initiated on ART, taking the total number of HIV positive people currently on ART to 188,118

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