Wake Up Pune @ I2IT

Wake up Pune set up camp for two eye opening fun-filled days at the International Institute of Information Technology (I2IT) campus, becoming a focus event at the Dhruva 2008 talent festival.

I2IT support staff responding to the questionnaire

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An army of I2IT students joined the Wake up Pune volunteers in running HIV quizzes, slogan and poster competitions outside the main canteen. The highlight had to be the HIV cricket match, with the batting side using a “condom bat” to protect their “health wicket” from the fielders’ “HIV ball”.

Winners walked off with bandanas sporting the red ribbon and USE YOUR HEAD – BE HIV POSITIVE slogans. Drinks coasters, HIV info and booklets on surviving college, were handed out and the red ribbon became THE fashion accessory.

I2IT students showed a keen interest in the issues of the campaign, with many signing up to volunteer in the future. University staff also joined in spontaneous HIV FAQ tutorials in Marathi. A taster lecture on HIV brought the scale of the problem in India and the lack of sex education to attention, prior to the sexual health workshop scheduled for 13 February at 4pm… just in time for Valentine’s day!

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