Copy of the Memorandum submittd to the Indian Prime Minister by the Coalition for AIDS Treatment Access (CATA) on 22 February

Memorandum respectfully submitted to the Honorable Prime Minister of Indian, Dr Manmohan Singh in New Delhi on 22 February 2008 by Coalition for AIDS Treatment Access (CATA) and HIV/AIDS activists in India.


The Coalition for AIDS Treatment Access lauds your landmark decision to take on the responsibility to Chair the National AIDS Council (NAC) in 2006, the highest authority to address HIVAIDS in our country. The NAC gave new hope to the millions of people living HIVAIDS and to the general population of India

In recognition of the positive initiatives that you have created to support and assist people living with HIVAIDS in India. We appeal to your good office to consider the following vital issues that require your leadership intervention:

Whereas, HIVAIDS is a preventable disease, we call for revitalized prevention campaigns that will reach communities at risk and will stop the transmission of the deadly virus.

Whereas, it is unknown how many people in India are currently HIV positive and in need of Anti-retroviral therapy (ART) care and support. We call for free universal access to treatment for all and accessible HIV testing services that will reach all of the communities including rural India.

Whereas, first line Anti-retroviral therapy (ART) is failing and clients are increasingly facing resistance nationally. We call for unlimited provision and availability of life saving second line Anti-retroviral therapy for all needing second line drugs.

Whereas, women and children are the most at risk to HIVAIDS. We call for an increase in access to Antiretroviral therapy (ART) treatment centers especially in rural areas as well as – women specific and pediatric treatment centers.

Whereas, stigma and discrimination of people living with HIVAIDS continues to exist especially in healthcare delivery system when related medical and surgical interventions are required. We call upon your office to intervene to reduce denial of services on the above grounds.

Whereas, there is a pending HIVAIDS bill in the Parliament to safe guard and protect the right of people living with HIVAIDS in India. We need your office to intervene in passing the bill at the earliest.

Whereas, an acute need exists for a grievance redressal mechanism for the people living with HIVAIDS in India.

We call upon you to establish a mechanism to bring together government and civil societies including people living with HIVAIDS to address such issues.

Whereas, the HIV epidemic in India require multidisciplinary intervention efforts from various ministries and departments. We call for a de-centralized approach to increase responsibility in addressing HIVAIDS prevention, education, treatment, care and support.

Whereas, the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) is responsible for the provision of appropriate HIVAIDS prevention, treatment, care and support services.

We call upon your office to make NACO more accountable, transparent and more people friendly in providing comprehensive prevention, treatment in India.

We appeal to you for your immediate intervention leadership and support.

Respectfully submitted by:

Coalition for Treatment Access (CATA)
Secretariat Office: S 7 Panchsheel Park, New Delhi
110017Telephone: (011) 41745541/42 Fax: 41745543
Mobile: 9911331998
(CATA Convener – Dr. Mahesh Ganesan)


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Students Global AIDS Campaign
World Vision
Bharat Uday Mission
Youth For Justice
Love Life Society
Amnesty International India
Naz Foundation International
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