NACO stops funding for 438 NGOs for poor anti-AIDS performance

NEW DELHI: National AIDS Control Organisation has discontinued funding for as many as 438 NGOs after their performance in AIDS prevention programme was not found to be satisfactory.

PTI, from Economic Times.

In all, 1,220 NGOs were involved in programmes targeting high risk groups like sex workers and drug users, of which the association with 262 was discontinued, Union Health Minister A Ramadoss told Rajya Sabha in a written reply on Friday.

Subsequently, he said, an independent evaluation of the remaining 958 NGOs was conducted between April and June, 2007.

Of these, the performance of 176 NGOs was found to be unsatisfactory and the funding to these organisations was discontinued.

The functioning of 122 community care centres was also assessed and 48 of these were found to be unsatisfactory, Ramadoss said.

He added these NGOs did not have adequate infrastructure and trained manpower as per requirements.

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