Film Screening & Discussion, 8 April 2008, Open Space Pune

Tuesday, April 8, 2008, 4pm-7pm, at Open Space Pune
Open Space invites you to a screening of 4 documentary films which address very human problems around HIV/AIDS such as stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV), the need for peer education about the disease, the need for legislative action against discrimination of PLHIV and the need for legislation to protect the rights of PLHIV. The screenings will be followed by a discussion moderated by Hans Billimoria (Project Coordinator HIV/AIDS, Deep Griha Society) and Rama Sarode (Human Rights Lawyer, Pathfinder Pune) along with interaction with members of the NMP+ support group.

A Handful of Sun
30 mins, DVD, 2007
Director: Niru Singh
Through a close look at the life of Asha, a middle class housewife who has been infected with HIV virus through her husband, the film attempts to examine the predicament of ‘innocent bystanders’ who contract HIV without participating in any potentially risky situation.

+Ve Living
30 mins, DVD, 2007
Director: C. Vanaja
The story of HIV+ women, who defied destiny and persisted on their journey in life, against social ostracism and an uncertain future, with dignity and hope. Winner of the Golden Pearl Award, Hyderabad Film Festival, India

Reaching Out At Work
27 mins, 2006, DVD
Directed by: Carol Duffay Clay
The film talks about HIV in the work place. It stresses on peer education and how it has been carried out by Inida’s leading industrial corporations to prevent the spread of the virus. It deals with specific target groups such as the truck drivers and migrant workers.
EU India Media Initiative on HIV/AIDS
40 mins, 2006, DVD
Directed by: PN Ramchandran
The movie talks of three tests: Ignorant, Compulsary and Voluntary. The first case of a poor shop owner in Mumbai, who’s HIV positive status was used against him when he was in dire need of medical care. The second test deals with Goa’s Health Minister and his proposal to make HIV tests mandatory before marriage license registrations. The third test talks of youngsters and couples in Mangalore who wish to protect themselves or their partners by taking the test. The film clearly talks of the need to spread awareness about the disease, prevent its spread and the need for legislative action against discrimination of PLHIV.

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