Maharashtra to reintroduce sex education

Children these days are exposed to sexual content everywhere – whether it’s TV, magazines, or the Internet. But the irony is that the sex education is banned in many states.

Now, one year after protests by parents and politicians, the Maharashtra government is rethinking a sex education policy. They plan to introduce it in schools across the state.

Prerana Thakurdesai, for

So, sex education will be back on the syllabus in Maharashtra. But this time round, the government says it will be more tempered. In fact, all the objectionable portions will be deleted.

”If somebody life is ruined by lack of scientific knowledge it’s the state’s responsibility to provide it,” says Vasant purke, School Education Minister, Maharashtra.

Last year, the government was forced to ban sex education in schools after parents, teachers and opposition parties protested saying that the content was sexually graphic.

However, the new watered down version will be introduced in all secondary schools only for the 9th and 11th standard students.

”If implemented sensitively, it’s fine, otherwise it can cause a negative impact on children,” says MLC Fauziya Khan.

Sex education has been a cause of concern for parents and teachers. But the objection was not the aim of education but the way it was being implemented. However, this time around, the government promises to implement it sensitively.

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