Open Space presents My Mother, The Gharwali, Her Maalak, His Wife, a play about sex workers, performed by sex workers

Monday, June 16, 2008, 5.30pm to 8.00pm, at Bal Gandharva Rangamandir, Off J.M.Road, Pune

Leena is a woman in prostitution. Leena is also a woman in love with her rickshaw-driver prince, who is suddenly talking about riding off into the sunset – alone. Unless, of course, Leena helps him buy a spanking new rickshaw by giving him a loan of Rs.25, 000. She waits for her lover, and she waits on her customer. Outside in the lane, the arrival of a goonda (thug) causes a flutter. The cop who chases him away is also chasing a man who lives in the same galli…….

‘My Mother, The Gharwali, Her Maalak, His Wife ‘ is a theatre production that looks at 24 hours in the lives of the people who live in or pass through the galli (street) in which Leena lives. Hear them tell their own stories and re-imagine their own realities. Meet the usual suspects – the paanpattiwala, the goonda, the children, the regulars. See them as they are. Get involved in their lives – feel overjoyed, indignant, angry, sad and make merry with them. Just remember, what happens here in these 24 hours, happens in their galli everyday. The play is performed by women in prostitution and their kin.

Open Space brings this play, which has already premiered in Mumbai and Bangalore to critical acclaim, to Pune. Open Space believes in providing a space for all marginalised groups. And sex workers are amongst the most marginalised. They are seen as bad women, immoral, loose, wanton, worthless women who make easy money. They are denied the most basic human rights. But we never provide them the space to express their views and their stories.

These women have never acted before. They took part in a theatre workshop in 2004 and discovered the power of theatre to represent their own realities — from their own perspectives. 

The performance will be followed by a moderated discussion with the cast, Meena Seshu, activist and founder-director SANGRAM, and Sushma Deshpande, actor and director of the play.

This performance is a joint initiative of SANGRAM, Sangli, Point Of View, Mumbai, VAMP, Sangli and Open Space-CCDS, Pune.

Day- Date: Monday – 16th June 2008
Time: 5.30pm. to 8.00pm.
Venue: Bal Gandharva Rangamandir, Off J.M.Road, Pune.


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