World AIDS Campaign thanks Wake Up Pune

Recently, we received a letter from Edwin Nichols (Global Constituencies Manager for the World AIDS Campaign), thanking Wake Up Pune for our successful partnership with WAC for the 2008 World AIDS Day India events.

The contents of the letter follows below…

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Re: Thank you

Dear Gayatri,

On behalf of the World AIDS Campaign, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the partnership with Wake Up Pune for the 2008 World AIDS Day India events. As you know, this was a pilot project for the World AIDS Campaign and it is with a high degree of satisfaction that we regard its implementation.

We have learnt a lot from Wake Up Pune and are thankful to have been welcomed into your communities and had the opportunity to see the exceptional work that you do. Your commitment to overcoming the AIDS epidemic and in particular standing up to HIV stigma and discrimination is an inspiration. We are proud to have worked with you and hope that our partnership was a positive contribution to the work that you do. We welcome any feedback on how this partnership affected Wake Up Pune’s work, as well as any comments or recommendations that you may have.

Please convey our appreciation to all members of Wake Up Pune. We look forward to keeping in touch and working together in the future.


Edwin Nichols

Global Constituencies Manager
World AIDS Campaign

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