Pradipkumar – An icon of inspiration – HIV positive bodybuilder

Khundrakpam Pradipkumar is not an ordinary bodybuilder who won the title of Mr. Manipur but also he is an icon of inspiration. You must have seen and heard about many amazing things that happen daily around the globe. But I haven’t come across any such great zeal and achivement. Khundrakpam Pradipkumar who has been declared as HIV positive in 2000, is titled as Mr. Manipur for the 60 Kg Category. Now he is going to compete for the Mr India which is going to be held on March 20 at Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He just started bodybuilding as a passion and now he has changed his passion into a great achievement. Khundrakpam Pradipkumar is living in Sagolband Khamnam Leirak, Imphal-West, Manipur, India. There are many reasons why he is important and becomes the icon of inspiration. First of all, it is not an easy task to maintain the homeostatic if someone is HIV positive and also he is doing heavy exercise which need more energy.

Speaking to the Mr. Manipur, Khundrakpam Pradipkumar, he says:

“First when I started bodybuilding, it was just my passion and there are people who help me and give me inspiration about doing bodybuilding. Khamnam Dinesh Singh, International Martial Arts player, is one of such people who give inspiration and suggestion. Now I want to thank all the people for their support and love.

I started working in the local gym “Eagle Gym”. But due to financial constraint, the gym does not have all the necessary equipments and machines but now we get the support of many organizations and people.

A person with HIV positive is no different from those people who are not positive. I request people with HIV positive to start thinking positive and do things like any other person.”

Now Khundrakpam Pradipkumar has become a household name of northeast and also he gives an inspiration not only to the people of northeast India but to the whole world that an HIV positive person can do all the things that a normal person can do. He use to eat 20 eggs and 10 liters of milk daily. But due financial constraints, he takes less diet than he requires. Now he is working hard for the Mr India title that is going to be held in the next few months in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. We should pray for him and his hard working.

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