“Wake Up Pune” say HIV, TB patients

PUNE: The co-infection of HIV and Tuberculosis (TB) has increased the burden on DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short course) and people living with HIV are eagerly waiting for the Multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB)- the emerging treatment soon to be available at government hospitals.

This information was shared during an interactive session by ‘Wake Up Pune’ on occasion of ‘World TB Day’ observed on Tuesday. The patients also shared their experiences in their personal fight against the dreaded diseases. “ HIV patients are always at higher risk of getting infected by TB. There is lot of negligence during their treatment like continuing ART, nutrition, caring for self and for the family members. The worst part is that such patients are often discriminated by the health care workers,” said Yuvraj Shinde, Treatment Educator Officer of Network of Maharashtra people with HIV. Emphasising on the lack of awareness at grassroots level, he said public in general always forget that TB is a contagious disease.

From Sakaal Times

As far as city is concerned, annually 3800 new patients with TB infections are reported. There are 203 TB infections reported for every one lakh population, informed Dr S V Ghorpade, deputy dean of Sassoon Hospital and Prof and Head of TB and Respiratory diseases, B J Medical College. Speaking on the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP), Dr Ghorpade said, “With an objective of 70 per cent detection of TB and 85 per cent cure rate among diagnosed patients and good quality drugs under DOTS, entire state has been covered under RNTCP.”

Focusing on the opinion on the current position of the DOTS center, Shinde said, “The emergence of MDR-TB has created a hope for introduction of new treatment methods for TB. But they are very costly. The treatment cost of MDR-TB is around Rs 3 lakh, requiring updating diagnosis every three months. Currently there is only one TB Training and Demonstration Centre in the state at Nagpur.”
The volunteers of non-government organisations including Saheli Sangh and Deep Griha Society along with school children participated in the programme and the awareness rally from Sasoon Hospital to Deep Griha Society Hall.

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