Parliamentary panel says no to sex education in schools

NEW DELHI: A Parliamentary committee has disfavoured introduction of sex education in schools and suggested inclusion of appropriate chapters in  
Biology syllabus, but not before plus two stage.

“Message should appropriately be given to school children that there should be no sex before marriage which is immoral, unethical and unhealthy,” the committee on petitions of Rajya Sabha said in its latest report which said “there should be no sex education in schools”.

The Times of India

The panel headed by senior BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu said that students should be made aware of the fact that indulging in sex outside the institution of marriage was against social ethos.

“Students should also be made aware that child marriage is illegal and is injuries to the health of girl child. They should also be educated that consensual sex below 16 years of age amounts to rape,” the Committee said.

The panel suggested that appropriate, age specific curriculum should be drawn up for scientific health education, moral education, personality development and character building.

The report on the petition seeking a national debate on introduction of sex education in schools said appropriate chapters on HIV/AIDS may be incorporated in biology syllabus in higher classes.

The committee said chapters like ‘Physical and Mental Development in Adolescents’ and ‘HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases’ may be removed from the present curriculum and included in the books of biology at the ten plus two stage.

“This would be more effective, appropriate and acceptable,” it said.

The committee suggested that its views should be considered by the government while finalizing the new syllabus, which would act as a model for the entire country.

It said before implementing the syllabus in all schools, a consensus should be arrived at by placing it before a conference of chief ministers.

The committee said pending finalization of the new syllabus, the existing Adolescence Education Programme (AEP) literature should be withdrawn from all state run or CBSE affiliated schools.

The petition was filed in the backdrop of reported decision of the HRD Ministry to impart sex education to students from class six in CBSE affiliated schools.

The petitioners felt the decision had shocked the conscience of all culture loving people of the country.  

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