Bhojwani School Awareness Session

Wake up Pune conducted a school awareness session on Wednesday the 22nd of April at   Bhojwani school, a private school on the outskirts of Pune. The students of one of the 10th standard classes were continuing their education about the risks and stigma that are associated with sexually transmitted infections especially in regards to HIV/AIDS.

Wake Up Pune was enlisted to help the students gain a deeper understanding of the ‘stigma chakra’ and how the cycle of silence and discrimination can be broken. The students, who had already been introduced to the basics of sex education and  sexually transmitted infections,  were receptive and interactive  –  asking questions and joining in with activities.
Wake Up Pune volunteers had designed interactive games specifically to target the negative stereotypes that surround the people who have been infected with HIV/AIDS, the misconceptions about modes of transmission of HIV/AIDs and how the virus opens up the body to new viruses and diseases, but also how ART the medication for HIV/AIDs help to try and rebuild it. Through these games the students were able to have some misconceptions erased and questions answered. In the end the students left the class room talking about what behaviors were low risk and no risk. I would say that was a job well done.

Elizabeth McKellar

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