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Dear Doctor, I have some doubt of hiv , i had sex with a lady about 7 months and because of hiv fear i had take a tridot test after 4 months and after 6 months also, both are negative and , some one said tridot is outdated and then i took an elisa also from a lab after 7 months ,it is also negative, but they put a remark that “its a screening test and it has to confirm with WB Test” this make me more confuse ,pls advise me , what is the window period and about the test.


Some people consider Tridot to be outdated because they believe ELISA to be more accurate. A lot of research however shows the same results for both Tridot and ELISA. Tridot is preferred by many settings because is it faster, easier and cheaper to carry out. In India, Tridot and ELISA are still the two main types of tests used and both give very accurate results.  

The “window period”is the period of time after possible infection when you might be HIV+ but tests might not show it yet. Therefore testing after this period will give more accurate results. Usually the window period does not last more than 3 months following HIV infection which is why we recommend people to get their first test at 3 months and a second at 6 months to make sure the results are correct. Every time you have a new risky activity the window period starts again which is why you must stay risk free until your first and second test if you want your test to give correct results.

Because you had three test at 4, 6 and 7 months and all came back negative, it is certain that you do not have HIV. If, however, you had any risky activity (unprotected sex for example) during that time then you should think about getting tested again. If you have not had any risky behaviour then you should not worry about your HIV status as you’ve carried out enough tests to give you an accurate result.  

Normally the doctor/nurse who tested you should have made counseling available to you before and after the tests explained all the above. It would help us very much if you could fill out our anonymous online survey so we can advise people in the future on the best places to get tested in Pune. You can fill out the survey at:
Please fill out a new survey for each different location you have been tested at.

All the best,

Dr Punewali

Dear Doctor,
Thanks for the information, my last exposure was before 8 months and after that i did’t repeat the same , and i did’t consult any doctor , i directly go to the lab and took the test , about 4 tridot and 3 elisa i took after 4 months to 8 months and all are negative and   why i am more worried and to took the test on every month is i am going to be married soon ,so for the best confirmation only i took the same.
As per your information i belive that i can stop testing and relax.

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