WUP Fundraiser – ‘ILLUMINATI’ Live @ The High


On Weds 28th July at 9pm, Wake Up Pune is hosting the fantastic ‘Illuminati’, a local rock band, at The High Spirits Cafe, Pune.

The concert is to raise funds for our matrimonial event, “Melava+: Live Positive. Love Positive.”, which will be held on Sunday 1st August.

Read this post for more information!

On Wednesday 28th July, Wake Up Pune is hosting the fabulous ‘Illuminati’ at The High Spirits Cafe. The event will kick off at around 9pm, so come on down, and bring all your friends!

Illuminati are an up and coming band from the Pune area –   they should be a real blast! To get a taste of Illuminati’s music, go to http://mysp.ac./wYjPa

So whether you are into rock or prefer to listen to soft jazz while sipping tea and petting your cat – COME TO THE CONCERT AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS!

By coming to High Spirits, you will be able to hear a fantastic band and give positive people an opportunity to find love.

So spread the word.

Let’s make a difference.

FACEBOOK EVENT –> http://bit.ly/9OC2k8

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