‘Before closing my eyes, I want the culprits… brought to justice’

Despite being terminally ill, 33-year-old AIDS patient, who contracted HIV from her husband, fights for justice, after being thrown out of her husbands house

Pune Mirror – Times of India

The plight of   33-year-old Shyamala (name changed to protect her identity) would move even the stone-hearted. Her tragedy began to unfold when she went for a routine medical check-up when she was three-months pregnant.

She received the first major   shock of her life when   the test report showed that she was HIV positive. Soon she came to know that she contracted the dreaded AIDS virus from her husband.

More was in store for her, as her husband, Mahendra, died after three years, and her husbands family threw her out of the house. Now, she has filed a complaint against her deceased husbands family for the torture and abuse, as evwen the police didn’t help her.

Shyamala had to run from pillar to post to lodge a First Information Report at   several police stations in Pune. She even approached the Police Commissioners office to file a case.   As she didn’t get any response from the police, she finally registered a private case in the court of Judicial Magistrate (First Class) through   her lawyer Supriya Kothari.

Apart from   her father-in-law Dinkar Yadav, her mother-in-law Muktabai, Shyamala has named in her   complaint, her   three brothers-in-law and their wives.  

Shyamala recalled her unenviable life. “I am from a very poor family. My distanct uncle Pandurang had introduced me to Mahendra and we married in 1998. After three months of marriage Mahendra was admitted to hospital where my in-laws informed me that he was suffering from tuberculosis.

In 1999, when I conceived a child I   went for a routine check-up. There I was shocked to hear that I was HIV positive. When I informed my husband, I came to know that   he was aware that he had contracted the AIDS virus before marriage. In this state, I could not even inform my parents as they are poor.”

She alleged in her application the her in-laws totured her by her cruel behaviour. “My husband,   my brother-in-law, who is a doctor, and my in-laws forced me to abort the child. Then in 2003, my Mahendra breathed his last. I too was getting weak day by day and my in-laws had warned me not to hold any kind of communication with my parents.

On January 22, 2006, I managed to get admitted in the hospital, from where I called my in-laws. But they turned their back and abused me. I had to mortgage my gold ornaments for treatment.

When I went back to them, they started harassing me and abusing me. When I demanded my jewellery and a house to stay they abused and kicked me out of the house.”

Shyamala added, “I know that I am going to die for sure, but before closing my eyes I want the culprits who ruined my life to be brought to justice. They didn’t even show any pity towards me. Instead, they asked me to go to the courts and fight for my rights.”

When Pune Mirror contacted Shekar Yadhav,   an accused   named in Shyamalas application, he said,   “We have no role to play, if she is alleging and fabricating the case let the court decide.”    He refused to comment further.

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