Past Events 2009

1st December 2009
World AIDS Day Celebrations
Today we took to the streets to wake up Pune about HIV/AIDS and to celebrate the courage and strength of those living positively. After a very active two weeks of canvassing the city in different locations, our partners, volunteers and clients took to the streets of Pune and rallied against stigma and discrimination. The rally began at BJ Medical College where students performed a very explosive street play which gripped many.

A huge crowd gathered and people were intrigued about what was happening. The crowd erupted and the rally was flagged off. More than 500 people marched from Sassoon Hospital to Shaniwar Wada Fort chanting along the way. A stage show was set up with the Medical Students beginning the show with their street play. We had a dance performance from one our partners, Deep Griha Society, and two positive speakers from Sahara Allad and NMP+ who gave moving speeches about their experiences. The show ended with volunteers dancing on stage. It was an extremely positive event.

29th November
HIV Positive Day
Today we asked volunteers to go about their day wearing their ‘HIV Positive’ t-shirts. We met up at the Grand Hotel to discuss our experiences of wearing the t-shirts out and the reactions we recieved from people.  You can read more about volunteer t-shirt experiences on the HIV Positive Campaign page.

28th November
INOX Kiosk
From 11am to 6pm, the Wake Up Pune team were manning a kiosk at INOX Mall. We spent the day handing out leaflets and ribbons, answering people’s queries about HIV, and recruiting more supporters for the World AIDS Day rally.

25th November
High Spirits Fundraiser
This year, Wake Up Pune were the beneficiaries of the annual Man Auction at High Spirits Bar, Koregaon Park. The bar staff eagerly strutted their stuff on stage while the audience bidded for the opportunity of a date with them. The guys proved popular, with one going for Rs. 18,000! Wake Up Pune volunteers were there handing out leaflets and ribbons, selling ‘HIV positive’ t-shirts and handicrafts from Sahara Aalhad Rehabilitation and Residential Care Centre. Overall we raised a huge Rs. 50,000! So thanks to everybody who donated or helped out on the night.

24th November
Awareness Campaign
Volunteers hit JM Road wearing ‘HIV Positive’ t-shirts. We handed out leaflets, and were generally met with a positive response by all those we spoke to. One man was so impressed he volunteered on the spot to hand out more leaflets for us!

23rd November
Awareness Campaign
In the afternoon Wake Up Pune volunteers heading to the railway station where we handed out ribbons and leaflets and answered people’s questions about HIV/AIDS. There were huge amounts of interest – the street play attracted an audience of 200 people!

22nd November
Condom Cricket Finale
Condom Cricket is an annual tornament organised to educate young people about HIV and HIV prevention through the popular medium of cricket.  The batsmen protect their ‘health’ wicket from the ‘HIV’ bowler using the ‘condom’ bat.  ‘Opportunistic infections’ fielders are there to help HIV destory the health. After the final on 22nd Novemer, the winning team played Wake Up Pune in a fun match. Photos coming soon!

21st November
Mariplex Mall Kiosk
From 10am to 4pm, the Wake Up Pune team were manning a kiosk at Mariplex Mall, handing out leaflets and ribbons, selling t-shirts and talking to people about HIV. We also had our street play team perform outside the mall, drawing an interested crowd to our cause.

19th November
Awareness Campaign
Volunteer teams hit Koregoan Park from 12pm to 3pm and MG Road from 5pm to 7pm to spread HIV awareness and promote our World Aids Day rally.  Wearing the ‘HIV Positive’ t-shirts, they handing out leaflets, put up posters, and spoke to people about the issues and events.

13th and 14th November
Curve Fundraisers
On 13th and 14th November, we held two fundraising and awareness events at Curve bar in ABC Farms, Koregaon Park. Volunteers wearing our ‘HIV Positive’ T-shirts distributed leaflets, ribbons and condoms to customers in a bid to get people taking about HIV and to publicise the upcoming ‘Join the Fight Fortnight’.  Curve kindly agreed to add a 10 per cent donation to Wake Up Pune from each bill. This, on top of other donations and t-shirt sales, enabled us to raise Rs. 13,000. This money will go towards this years World Aids Day celebrations on 1st December. Thanks go to everyone who attended!

3 September 2009
Awareness Campaign
Wake Up Pune volunteers spread the “Be Hiv Positive” message through an awarenes campaign at German Bakery. A small scale event attended by a group of volunteers managed to give out information leaflets, red ribbons and answer the queries of diverse group of people including Osho sanyasis.

29 August 2009
Awareness Campaign
Wake Up Pune volunteers spread the “Be Hiv Positive” message through an awarenes campaign at Pune Railway Station on Saturday. Fighting the stigma surrounding HIV\AIDS by wearing HIV Positive shirts, volunteers managed to distribute over 1000 information leaflets and tons of red ribbons in just few hours.

12 August 2009
Be HIV Positive at High Spirits
Place: High Spirits, Pune

On August 12th 2009, Wake Up Pune held a fundraiser at High Spirits Café in Koregaon Park. Attendees celebrated Wake Up Pune’s ongoing efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Many bought HIV Positive T-shirts, took free condoms and found ways to get involved. The night was a complete success and a lot of fun. As everyone danced and sang in celebration, Wake Up Pune also raised a lot of money and spread awareness to many people. A special thanks to High Spirits for all their amazing support.

3 August 2009
Friendship Day
Place: Nowrosjee Wadia College, Fergusson DES Law College, Marathwada Mitra Mandal’s College of Commerce, Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical College, Pune

On Monday August 3, Wake Up Pune celebrated International Friendship Day on college campuses throughout Pune. After weeks of preparation, teams of volunteers visited four campuses across the city to spread awareness and support of people living with HIV and AIDS. We passed out red ribbons, the international symbol of support for people living with and affected by HIV, and flyers with information about the day and HIV in Pune. In the morning, volunteer visited Nowrosjee Wadia College, Fergusson DES Law College, and Marathwada Mitra Mandal’s College of Commerce where we gave a brief presentation about Wake Up Pune and HIV to an auditorium full of students. In the afternoon we visited Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical College. At all of the colleges volunteers circulated around the campus and interacted with the student body. Students were very responsive to the activities, asked many questions, exchanged friendship bracelets, and many signed up to learn more about future Wake Up Pune events.

1 August 2009
Breaking The Silence at Osho Ashram
Place: Osho Ashram, Pune

A group of twenty volunteers went to combat the discrimination taking place at the Osho Ashram in Koregaon Park. In order to get participate in an Osho program one must take an HIV test, if they are HIV + they will not be allowed to enter. Therefore, the group wore their HIV+ t-shirts with scarves and jackets on and asked to go on a simple tour. First, we watched a thirty minute video about the Ashram and once it was over we all removed our scarves and jackets. Then we took a ten minute silent tour around the center. It may have been silent but we attracted a lot of attention because we all wore our HIV Positive T-shirts. After the tour we tried to ask questions but were pushed aside. When we tried again we were referred to a book then told by the tour guide that he knew it was discrimination to not let HIV + people inside but he was okay with that. We tried to push him harder to answer more questions but our efforts failed as he walked away. We are not finished fighting the discrimination taking place in Pune and will continue to work on this issue.

29 July 2009
Wake UP Pune Meeting
Place: German Bakery, Pune

On Wednesday July 29th over thirty volunteers and interested parties met at the German Bakery in Koregoan Park. Wake Up Pune filled a number of tables with people wearing their HIV Positive t-shirts to spread the message of awareness. Many new people came specifically to learn about the organization. In addition, people who happened to be at the bakery at the time came up to talk to current volunteers and sign up for the mailing list.

26 July 2009
The Altersonic
Place: One Lounge, Koregaon Park, Pune

On Sunday July 26th, Wake Up Pune joined two hundred music fans at Altersonic, a rock concert held at Lounge One in Koregon Park. Members of each band could be seen wearing red ribbons to show their support for people living with HIV/AIDS and the efforts in stopping stigma and discrimination. Volunteers passed out information leaflets along with free condoms during the performances as well as introduced the Take 10 campaign.

19 July 2009
HIV Bootcamp
Place: DeepGriha Society, Pune

On Sunday, July 19, Wake Up Pune held an HIV/AIDS Bootcamp at Deep Griha Society, attended by approximately 40 young adults currently living in Pune, many of whom were foreign volunteers. It started with a few icebreaking activities, where attendees could socialize and get to know each other in order to make a more comfortable atmosphere, where an open forum for discussion could be created. After these informal activities, bootcamp coordinators gave a presentation about HIV/AIDS – the way it is spread, its prevalence, how it affects Pune, as well as Wake Up Pune’s mission.

Following the presentation, there were many different interactive activities, where participants gathered in small groups to discuss not only just HIV/AIDS as a virus and a disease, but also how it affects the community, and common misconceptions and stereotypes about the disease and the people it impacts. The bootcamp concluded with a small workshop on how to spread HIV/AIDS awareness in creative and artistic ways.

18 July 2009
Awareness Session at Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical College
Place: Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune

Wake Up Pune held an awareness session at the Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical College for seventy optometry students. The students were educated about HIV/AIDS and also the dangers of stigma and discrimination. This session was particularly important because these seventy students will go on to become doctors in the future. Not to mention PLHIV often contract eye infections, which need medical attention. If optimists are not aware of how HIV is transmitted or the dangers of stigma and discrimination they can not effectively treat their future patients.

26 June 2009
International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking
Place: P.G. Hall of N. Wadia college, Pune

On June 26th Wake Up Pune organized a talk show at Wadia College in response to the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking. The program began with an interesting discussion when the compares enacted like an ordinary citizen wondering about the happenings in the P.G. Hall of N. Wadia college. In a very fun way they gave introduction of the talk show and invited the chief Guest Dr. S. L. Bonde Vice Principal, Guest of Honor Dr. (Mrs.) Girija Shankar Vice Principal N. Wadia College and the panelists.

The beginning of the talk show saw an unusual ritual in which instead of lighting a lamp, the lit cigarette were put off in a bowl of sand as the symbol of saying no to drugs and the injecting needles were broken by a needle breaker with a message that Intra Venus Drug use must be stopped and as a harm reduction method the used needles must be broken ….

A hall packed with over three hundred students, recovering drug addicts, NGO leaders and interested citizens listened as knowledgeable panelists spoke about the issues related to the day. The panelists’ different perspectives on the issue of drug abuse invited discussion and showed a variety of opinions. The panelists were Dr. Gangakhedakar from the National AIDS Research Institute, Dr. Rohini P. Virathan from the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital, Elizabeth Selhore director of Sahara, Mrs. Prafulla Mathur & Ms. Mukta Puntambekar from Muktangan, and Dwijen Smart from

The message of the day was to educate about the dangers of drug addiction, understand the meaning of harm reduction and fight the discrimination drug addicts face. “Say no to drugs but not to drug users,” was the main message of the talk show. Often the stigma attached to drug addicts prevents them from getting adequate support and help to stop their addiction. In addition, many panelists touched on the meaning of harm reduction. Since not all addicts are the same and often respond to treatment differently, the message of abstinence from all drugs fails to effectively work for many. Therefore, NGOs and other treatment centers focus on teaching safer methods of drug use such as oral substitution and safe or no injection habits. This allows the addict to wean him or herself off of the substance they are addicted to without jumping right into abstinence. Having a strong support system is unbelievably essential for the health of the drug addict because of the discrimination they face in society.

Teaching safer drug use habits is also an important concept for Wake Up Pune and HIV/AIDS prevention. A huge problem with intravenous drug users is the sharing of needles; this practice can quickly lead to the spread of HIV. Thus, by taking proper care of the addicts, teaching them safer ways of using drugs and supporting them in their endeavors to recover we are helping the entire society.

20 June 2009
Awareness Campaign
Place: Pune Railway Station, Pune

Wake Up Pune volunteers spread the “Be Hiv Positive” message through an awarenes campaign even during a rainy afternoon on Pune Railway Station on Saturday. The response from the people was overwhelming as volunteers managed to distribute over 1000 information leaflets and tons of red ribbons during just few hours.

14 June 2009
World Blood Donor Day
Place: Sahyadri Hospital Karvenagar, Pune

The theme for this year’s WBDD is “100% voluntary non-remunerated blood and blood components.”
Blood donors in the city were felicitated during the programs. 4 Blood Banks of Pune (Ruby, KEM, Inlaks & Sayadhri), in association with the Lifeline Community Network were present at the occasion.
The program was comprise of the following:

  • Welcome by Dr. Rao of Sayadhri BB, hosts.
  • Felicitation of donor-friendly Blood Banks (above 4) by Lifeline.
  • Felicitation of “star” blood donors.
  • Rep from Wake Up Pune (HIV advocacy umbrella group) Dr. Paranjape will talk on various subjects of adequate and safe blood in Pune.
  • Speech by chief guest, Dr. Jeroo Coyajee, KEM.

A small crowd comprising of a few donors and blood bank officials were present at the venue. Dr. Bobby John facilitated the meeting. After Dr. Jeroo Coyajee presented the statistical report and various challenges blood banks, donors and receivers face today. Dr. Anil Paranjape introduced WUP and its commitment to the safe blood supply.

An informal meeting took place between the WUP members and the blood bank representatives.
The summary of the discussion:

  1. Blood banks will prefer to collect blood from people who come from an environment where the donors have nutritious food and less chance of contracting any kind of infections.
  2. Generally they like to tap people from a socioeconomic community where they have atmosphere to keep themselves in best of their health.
  3. People from higher socioeconomic conditions also are screened to ensure that the donors are in their best of the health.
  4. WUP suggested that, to tap more healthy blood more awareness needs to be created. During the HIV boot camps a blood bank person will be invited to educate the youth about blood donation. Such kind of awareness program will motivate youth to keep themselves healthy with nutritious food and refrain from substances and situations, which will not be able to save some ones life when the need comes.
  5. Dr. Coyajee informed that in Switzerland it is mandatory by he government that all the citizen donate their blood at least once a year. This way all the citizen who complete 18 years go to the hospital for testing and donation of blood. A certificate is issued which they need to present to government every year. In India policies are not available to create such situation.
  6. WUP with BB representatives decided to start a media advocacy and advocacy by a special group to bring analyse present policies for BB and what are its’ weakness.
  7. Dr. Rao took a few members to the blood bank facilities at Sahyadri hospital. She is a haematologist and provided various insights to the BB functioning and its challenges.
  8. WUP committed to organize blood camps in various areas
  9. Donors who are unable to donate their blood will be counselled and guided to right centers where they are motivated to develop best health practices.
  10. WUP new PP for GFATM the BB will also be considered as centers providing service. This would mean that a potential blood donor too will be able to take a rickshaw to a BB to donate blood and the coupon system will be provided to such BB.

(By Susan Raj)

8 June 2009
Hammer Fest Wake Up Pune was at Hammer Fest II this week, along with over 300 concert goers. While enjoying the music, our volunteers went in to the crowd to spread the truth about HIV/AIDS protection and hand out condoms. Our very own Meredith Zoltick got up on stage and talked about being HIV Positive – positive about education, positive about awareness, and positive about prevention and rallied the crowd to visit the Wake Up Pune booth for free condoms, information pamphlets and to sign-up for volunteer opportunities.

6 June 2009
HIV Bootcamp
Wake Up Pune successfully held another Bootcamp to educate people about HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination as well as sex and sexuality. The day long program included various ways to spread learned knowledge to the rest of the community through independent projects and disruptive theatre. Interestingly, about half of the participants prior to attending Bootcamp knew only basic information about HIV/AIDS and had never really thought about the negative affects caused by stigma and discrimination. But, by the end of the Bootcamp every participant had been educated and made aware of the various important issues and can now spread the message to their respective families, friends and communities.

17-23 May 2009
Global AIDS Week of Action
‘What is the Global AIDS Week of Action? And why are we celebrating it in May?’, you may ask, ‘Isn’t World AIDS day on the 1st of December??’

Well, GAWA, which takes place from the 17th to the 23rd of May, isn’t about merely marking a few days on the calendar and making a lot of noise, it’s an initiative, an attempt by activists and concerned citizens all over the world to try and join forces to fight the virus of HIV/AIDS. It’s a resolution made to make this fight against AIDS worthwhile by demanding support for the 33 million people who suffer from HIV/AIDS, more than half of whom cannot come forth and seek treatment because of stigma and because of fear. GAWA wants to put a stop to all of this. It aims at not only creating awareness about HIV/AIDS, but also at holding world leaders accountable to their ambitious and landmark commitment to fight AIDS, made at the United National General Assembly Special Session on AIDS (UNGASS) in 2001. This is where we make sure that these aren’t just empty words; by generating action through political pressure.

The highlight event of the week is the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day on the 17th of May, when people all over the world come together and light candles in memory of all those who have passed away due to AIDS related illnesses. This year 115 countries marked this event together, but due to the election results being announced on the 16th, the event had to be shifted to the 20th in Pune. The Pune Candlelight Vigil 2009 was held on M.G. Road in front of the Pune Drug Store, in the evening from 7 p.m. onwards.

Before the vigil a rally was organized from two focal points in the city, Golibar Maidan and the other from Dr. Ambedkar statue. Both rallies began at about 5.30pm and then proceeded on foot to M.G. Road, while at the same time shouting slogans such as “Khul ke bol, Condom bol”, “HIV doesn’t discriminate we do”, “end the silence and ignorance about HIV”, etc and generating public interest and urging people to join their fight against HIV/AIDS. The rally was supported by NGOs and civil society from around Pune, and even involved a walking giant inflatable condom! Activists also handed out approximately a 1000 red ribbons to people and urged people to wear them as a mark of support for the cause.

Both the rallies met at M.G.Road, where approximately 1000 people turned up. RJ Abhijit from Radio City 91.1fm was the official host of the evening. He kept the crowd informed about the need for their support and the need to stop discriminating. The evening kicked off with an energy packed dance by the troupe from the Ashwood Mission hospital. Then Ms. Susan Raj, from the Deep Griha Society, introduced the event by explaining the need for the event, saying that the fight against HIV/AIDS isn’t about one day in December – it’s about remembering the people who have lost their lives, the people who are infected today, and by doing our best to put a stop to these deaths. She stressed the need for local support and urged everyone present there to NOT DISCRIMINATE against a virus that doesn’t pick its victims off a prepared list! The other guests present there, Mr. Meher Irani, Mr. John Paul – Corporator of Yerwada, Mr. Ujwal Kumar Choudhary -Dean of SIMC, showed their commitment to the cause and advised people to go in for voluntary testing and early diagnosis. They then lit the lamp and the light from their candles was passed around to all those present there, and Mr Avinash Chakranarayan read out the pledge. The pledge called for commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS and for showing understanding and support towards anyone who might suffer from it. The crowd then formed a human chain and repeated the theme after Mr. Avinash – “Together, we are the Solution”, “eyk JUT ha ch Oopay” and “ek saath aanaa hi oopay hai”.

The evening’s events were interspersed with dance performance by the kids from Deep Griha Society and a few Hindi songs. But the star of the show was Mary, who is HIV positive and has lived with it, healthily, for the past 5 years. She dazzled all and sundry in the crowd by her show of immense grit and strength. She came up on stage and shared her harrowing experience and urged everyone to support anyone who might be suffering from HIV/AIDS. As she put it, at a time when patients are battling to keep themselves healthy and happy, any stigma or prejudice, especially from family members can prove to be the undoing of a person. She moved everyone with her touchingly sincere speech. It’s people like her who go to show the world that HIV is not the end. There’s is life beyond the virus. She truly inspired many.

The performance by the band “The Rehab Experience” heralded the end of a fruitful evening. They had the crowd grooving to many old time hits and even a few original compositions.

All in all the Candlelight Vigil at M.G. Road, was Pune’s way of telling the world that the time has finally come to stop letting ignorance guide our lives and behavior. Let’s become HIV positive – positive about educating ourselves about the virus, positive about awareness and positive about supporting people who need our help.

22 April 2009
Bhojwani School Awareness Session

Wake up Pune conducted a school awareness session on Wednesday 22 April at Bhojwani school which is a private school on the outskirts of Pune. The students of one of the 10th standard classes were continuing their education about the risks and stigma that are associated with sexually transmitted infections especially in regards to HIV/AIDS. This is where Wake Up Pune was enlisted to help the students gain a deeper understanding of the stigma chakra and how this cycle of silence could be broken. The students who had already been introduced to the basics of sex education and the diseases that come along with unprotected sex were well receptive and interactive when it came to asking questions about their knowledge of the disease as well as the treatments.

Wake Up Pune volunteers had designed interactive games specifically to target the negative stereotypes that surround the people who have been infected with HIV/AIDS, the misconceptions about modes of transmission of HIV/AIDs and how the virus opens up the body to new viruses and diseases but also how ART the medication for HIV/AIDs help to try and rebuild it. Through these games the students were able to have some misconceptions erased and questions answered. In the end the students left the class room talking about what behaviors were low risk and no risk. I would say that was a job well done.

17 April & 22 April 2009
Film Festival at Tadiwala Road & Ramtekadi

Wake Up Pune hosted a film festival at the Deep Griha Centre on Tadiwala Road on Friday 17th April & at the Deep Griha Centre on Ramtekadi on Wednesday 22nd April. The event was promoted in order to document and expend awareness of HIV and AIDS in the community. The festival attracted a crowd of around forty men, women and children who gathered to watch both ‘My Brother Nikhil’ and ‘Ek Alag Mausaum’ (shown in Hindi and Marathi).

‘My Brother Nikhil’, notable for being the first mainstream Indian film in which the protagonist is homosexual, was a resounding success. Set in Goa during the years 1989 to 1994 it focuses on the human impact of stigma and discrimination and the importance of acceptance and understanding when responding to and dealing with HIV.

‘Ek Alag Mausaum’ centres on the life of Aparna Verma, a pregnant woman who contracts HIV from her travelling salesman husband. The film documents her life and the subsequent decisions she has to make.

The film festival offered a simple yet effective medium through which Wake Up Pune could further expand its aim of waking Pune up to the reality of HIV and the lives of those it touches. The films allowed the audience to witness the potential isolation and suffering that can result from stigma and discrimination and the importance of waking up and making a difference.

24 March 2009
Wake Up Pune Rallies to stop TB

Tuesday 24th March Puneites from all sectors of society took to the streets in recognition of World TB Day 2009. Organised by Wake Up Pune, the rally for people affected by TB was a huge success with a turn out of over 100 people from school children to doctors and of course a large contingent of NGO workers.

The rally started at Sassoon Hospital at 9am with a street theatre performance by Deep Griha’s DISHA team and the handing out of high protein ladoos to people in the TB ward of Sassoon. Participants marched along the hot Pune streets past the Station and Ruby Hall Hospital before ending at Deep Griha Society on Tadiwala Road. The Rally drew lots of attention from passers by as everyone yelled out slogans encouraging people to work to eradicate TB in our country. Fliers with information about TB written in Marathi were passed out to people as the rally went along.

At Deep Griha participants of the rally were seated and treated to yummy ladoos and speeches by a great number of distinguished guests.

A huge thanks to all those who took part in this fantastic rally making it a huge success!

18 January 2009
The first HIV Bootcamp of 2009 – a huge hit!
The first HIV Bootcamp of 2009 has set a very high standard for the ones to follow! Participants were very enthusiastic, taking part in both the HIV and Sex & Sexuality sessions before using the knowledge they had gathered during the day to create their own ‘disruptive theatre’ pieces.

Bootcampers reacted well to the HIV Awareness session, asking lots of questions and debating issues amongst themselves. A demonstration of the difference between the use of oil and water based lubricants with condoms led to more laughter as condom after condom burst in the hands of shocked participants following the application of oil based lubricants… make sure to use water based lubricants when using a condom!

After lunch Bootcampers were given a pathology report with fake lab results and were asked to interpret them without being given any information about HIV test results. Of the 25 participants, only one young man knew enough to understand what his report said. This exercise illustrated to the Bootcampers the importance of pre- and post- test counselling and just what a confusing and scary process it can be getting tested for HIV without it. Participants then set about trying to catagorise different behaviours and identities into ‘no risk’, ‘low risk’ and ‘high risk’ groups. Some interesting discussions took place during this time and most participants ended the session armed with terms they had not known before.

Following some open conversations about sexuality and condom demonstrations participants went into groups to come up with their own ‘disruptive theatre’ scripts. Some very entertaining, informative and downright funny performances came out of the session. There were some very enthusiastic and talented young Puneites at the weekend’s workshop, definitely some potential disruptive theatre teams!

Thanks to all those who attended, we hope to see you all again very soon. For those of you who missed out on this month’s HIV Bootcamp (places filled up very quickly!) stay tuned to the website for information about the next one.

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