Fundraising and Awareness Event at Suzlon Energy Ltd.

On Thursday 15th December, a group of four Wake Up Pune volunteers went to Suzlon Energy Ltd. in Maggarpatta for a fundraising and awareness event.  We arrived at 11 AM and set up a table at the back of the company cafeteria with information leaflets, awareness ribbons, bumper stickers, T-shirts and some of the beautiful handmade jewelry made by our own DISHA ladies.  We also walked around to tables, handing out questionnaires and speaking to people about HIV and Wake Up Pune.  Everyone was extremely receptive and interested in filling out the surveys – by the end of lunchtime we collected over 80 completed questionnaires and raised over Rs. 3000! A big thank to everyone who participated at Suzlon and to the volunteers who did a great job spreading the Wake Up Pune message! 

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