Bootcamp @ Santulan – 13th March 2012

The ‘bootcamp’ was conducted for recovering drug addicts at Santulan,
a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. The ‘bootcamp’ took place on
13th March 2012 at Santulan’s residential facility for the patients at
Gokhale Nagar. The ‘bootcamp’ began at 2.30 p.m with 20 participants.
The volunteers of ‘Wake Up Pune’ covered topics such as biology of
HIV, treatment and testing. They also spoke about stigma and stigma
chakra. Moreover, they gave information about the effects addiction
can have on a person’s HIV status and ill-effects of it on person who
is already HIV. They also gave information on precautions to be taken
while drug use to minimize the risk. A condom demonstration was
conducted to explain the proper technique for use of a male condom.
Many myths held by the participants were also cleared such as ‘If a
mother is HIV+ her baby will definitely be HIV positive’. Our
volunteers gave them information about the facts such as ‘If mother
takes medication, delivers through C-section and doesn’t breast-feed
the chances of baby being born HIV+ is less than 1%”. The ‘Bootcamp’
was translated to Marathi for better understanding of the
participants. After the ’bootcamp’ a small quiz was conducted in which
participants were to state the announced statements true or false and
the participants surprised us with giving correct answers to all the
questions. After the quiz, the participants asked questions related to
HIV/AIDS which were answered by volunteers. The successful ‘bootcamp’
was concluded with thanks to all participants and volunteers. A box of
free condom was handed out to the participants along with leaflets in Marathi that have vital information related to HIV/AIDS


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