Bootcamp and Streetplays with the Green Tara Foundation

A HIV/AIDS bootcamp was held at Dr. Ambedkar College in Yerwada on the 11th of December by Katherine and Anuja. The boot-camp contained information about the science of HIV, the statistics in India and on a worldwide scale and the stigma attached to the condition. It reached out to approximately 70 college students and was a particularly interesting session as it indicated the lack of sex education that is available to students. This was shown through the questions asked. WUP is planning on conducting more boot-camps in the schools and colleges of Pune where a new audience will be reached.

After the very successful boot-camp two street plays were held in conjunction with The Green Tara Foundation ( on the streets of Pune. We attracted many members of  the public and helped to spread the message of HIV/AIDS in the city.

Thank you for all volunteers who helped!!


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