Kicking off Project Genesis!

Wake Up Pune have partnered with AIESEC and Kirloskar to deliver Project Genesis, an exciting  6 week HIV/AIDS awareness program. Between three partners, we have the HIV knowledge and expertise, volunteer power and resources to deliver a brilliant campaign. Here’s how it all started…


The project kicked off on 13th and 14th August, when Wake Up Pune volunteers, Kassie and Anuja, trained Kirloskar volunteers and AIESEC interns in their HIV Bootcamp and running HIV/AIDS awareness activities. It was a great 2 days, with everyone arming themselves with the correct HIV knowledge, ready to spread awareness to as many people as possible!

First event @ Kirloskar Head Office…

On Wednesday 22nd August, Project Genesis hosted their first awareness event at Kirloskar Head Office in Baner. Throughout the day, volunteers conducted a range of activities to get people thinking and talking openly about HIV. The entire building was decorated with posters passing on basic HIV information and TV screens displayed the HIV Bootcamp on loop throughout the day.

As they arrived at work, employees were welcomed with a red ribbon. After a quick breakfast, volunteers split in to 4 teams, each covering a different section of Kirloskar Offices. Small groups of employees allowed us to hijack them for 15-20minutes at a time to conduct a quiz and have a group discussion about HIV/AIDS. Employees were really engaged and keen to know more. Prizes were awarded to the employees who contributed most to the discussion or answer the most questions correctly.

Lunch was the real highlight of the day, with volunteers performing a skit and then bursting in to song to catch attention and raise awareness. Employees were also given a leaflet with more information on HIV and over 400 people signed up and made a pledge to support people living with HIV as part of a signature campaign.

Awareness activities ticked off, the day ended with a tour and presentation about Kirloskar amazing, environmentally friendly offices. The whole building is designed to be as energy efficient as possible, with features such as solar panels on the roof, a sewage treatment plant to recycle water and a zero tolerance policy on excess waste.

Numbers aren’t everything, but with 31 volunteers and over 450 employees participating, we can’t help but celebrate a successful day!

This is just the beginning… 

For more information in what’s is coming up and how you can be involved see the Project Genesis schedule in ‘upcoming events’.

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  1. The event @ Yamuna Kirlosker that’s the place is better known as was the first event where every one was so participative. This gave them the lot of info about the ways how HIV / AIDS is transmitted n so forth. The event was the first series of the Project Genesis. I wish to see more n more people getting awareness about the same. Best of luck to all who are involved in this good cause.