Melava+ 2012

We’re pleased to say that this year Wake Up Pune hosted another successful Melava matrimonial event for people living with HIV. Taking place in Abul Kalam Memorial Hall in Koregaon Park, the event welcomed more than 200 attendees, with many new faces this year. Melava+ provides the opportunity for people living with HIV to find a life partner. Due to the stigma attached to HIV, people often find it difficult to find a partner, but at Wake Up Pune we believe that every person, regardless of their HIV status, is entitled to get married and start a family. This is a fundamental human right, and HIV must not be allowed to stand in the way of people’s ability to live free and happy lives.

The day started with a welcome speech and encouragement from positive speaker from Mumbai, who asked candidates and family members to live positively and not let HIV take control of their lives. A couple that met at Melava 2011, and got married as a result, also spoke about their own experiences, and a couple that were engaged at Melava 2010 brought their baby along this year, a wonderful example of how Melava can change people’s lives.

Candidates were then able to meet each other through a series of ice breaker games in the morning that made people more relaxed and comfortable. Games included Bingo cards that got everyone talking, an Opposites game that helped candidates to find others with similar interests and a Speed Dating game that ensured no one was left out. After lunch outside, catered for by Santulan, couples came forward to the stage to announce their engagement. By the end of the day three couples had made an announcement and agreed to spend their lives together.

The day was extremely rewarding, a life-changing event for all attendees, who were not only able to look for a life partner, but also able to build friendships and relationships with other people living with HIV. With many local and international volunteers there to help ensure that the event ran smoothly, the sense of love and community was felt by all. The event acted as an important contribution to Wake Up Pune and DISHA’s efforts to eradicate the stigma associated with HIV, and ensure that the lives people with HIV remain happy, healthy and free from discrimination and limited life choices.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered and came along, the help we received was invaluable, and ensured that the day was a great success!


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