Volunteer Bootcamp–June 10

Greetings, Wake Up Pune Volunteers!


On Sunday June 10, there was an English-language “bootcamp” for volunteers at the Deep Griha centre on Tadiwala Road.


What is it?

A Wake Up Pune bootcamp is a crash course in HIV/AIDS that covers basic information about the virus, transmission, and stigma in around 3 hours. If you are a new volunteer, attending at least one bootcamp is required, as it helps us ensure that all of our volunteers have up to date and accurate information about HIV/AIDS. Bootcamps are both fun and informative, and attending one will help prepare you to participate in (or even organize and run!) bootcamps in the future. Bootcamps are one of the most important HIV/AIDS awareness and education activities that Wake Up Pune facilitates, as it allows groups of people to discuss HIV/AIDS and ask questions in an informal and non-threatening environment. During the volunteer bootcamp, volunteers not only participate in the regular bootcamp but are also given tips on how to run bootcamps of their own.


If you’re a new volunteer (or an older volunteer who wouldn’t mind a refresher course), the details for the bootcamp are as follows:


Wake Up Pune volunteer orientation bootcamp
Sunday, June 10
1 PM – 4 PM
Deep Griha Centre
Tadiwala Road


How was it?

It was a great turnout! Everyone had fun and Wake Up Pune is so grateful to have  people willing to help our cause!


To the volunteers, a bazillion thank you!


One Comment

  1. Dubibnsky wrote:

    I just made it in time to attend this Boot Camp.
    Was extremely informative and at the same time a lot of fun.
    Keep up the great work.

    Hope to be a part of this movement.