Wake Up Pune Raise Awareness at One Lounge

On Thursday 12th July, ten of Wake Up Pune’s volunteer team took the HIV awareness campaign to One Lounge in Koregaon Park. Wearing HIV Positive t-shirts and bandanas the team quickly stirred up attention and enthusiasm among One Lounge guests.

Throughout the night questionnaires were given out, to encourage people to correct and broaden their knowledge of HIV and AIDS. Thought-provoking questions were put at each table to get people talking about the prevalent issues surrounding HIV, and guests wore bandanas and arm bands to show their support for the campaign. Many people were interested in the work that Wake Up Pune is doing and how they themselves could get involved. The success of the evening was astounding, it got a lot of people talking and thinking, and the campaign was met very positively.

“It was great to get the opportunity to talk to young people and find out what they know about HIV. I think we managed to generate interest and recruit some new local volunteers which will be great for the future success of Wake Up Pune. The event was really positive!” Jenny Frydrych, Wake Up Pune volunteer


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