Photography workshop at Sahara on May 1st & 3rd

Photography workshop
On May 1st and May 3rd, Wake Up Pune volunteers spent the day at Sahara house, one of our partners. Sahara provides residential care and rehabilitation programmes for people facing difficult situations due to substance use and HIV/AIDS.

The goal of this two-day activity was to take pictures that represented our own fear and hope. Each one of us, Sahara clients, Sahara staff and WUP volunteers took part in this activity. Even if fears are not always easy to talk about, we conducted this activity in a very relaxed way and had a lot of fun along these two days.

The photo activity was a good way for Sahara clients to open up and share their feelings and thoughts to others. It was also the occasion to realize that we all have fears and concerns. Yet we also have many hopes. Express ourselves about them through photography was very instructive and interesting!

The different pictures taken were printed and we made posters out of them. The posters will be exhibited at the High Spirits Cafe on Friday 17th, during our GAWA week.

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