“I recently had sex with a sex worker with a condom.”

Dear Dr Punewali, I recently had sex with a sex worker with a condom. After sex I had checked the condom, also it was completely fine. Still, will I get AIDS and where can I get a freee HIV test done in Pune?


Condoms are a reliable and effective way of protecting yourself from HIV provided they are used correctly. However if you would still like to get tested for your own peace of mind there is a testing site at Deep Griha Society, 13 Tadiwala Road that provides testing for 80 rupees, including pre and post test counselling. You will receive your results the next day.

It is always important to know your HIV status as then you are able to protect yourself and others and look after your own health.  HIV is a chronic condition, just like diabetes.  Like diabetes it is incurable but treatable, it is possible to live a long and healthy life with HIV provided you know your status.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss this issue further please don’t hesitate to contact me again.

All the best, Dr Punewali

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