“I have a doubt regarding masturbation.”

Dear Dr Punewali, I am a software engineer in a company. I have a doubt regarding masturbation. I masturbate daily. Is it good? Or bad? Will it affect my sexual life?. I married recently. I have a problem in sex… when I put my penis into the vagina, semen comes out quickly. I can’t enjoy. Why does the semen come out quickly? Is there any problem in my body? Because of masturbation, it comes out? Even if I touch the pussy with my penis, the semen will come out. Please help.


First of all, you must learn to RELAX. Over excitement can sometimes cause premature ejaculation. It does not necessarily indicate any disfunction. Also this kind of premature ejaculation that you describe has NO CONNECTION with masturbation at all! What I suggest as an option if this persists, is masturbating before sexual intercourse with your wife, this may help you and your wife to enjoy sex for a longer period.

So, try relaxing when having sex and not being overly anxious. This will help. I also suggest that you take your wife into confidence and talk about what you both enjoy sexually. This will further help relax you and remove performance anxiety. If however, after all these steps, premature ejaculation persists then I recommend that you see a medical doctor concerning this matter.

Good luck!
Dr Punewali

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