“Can you please tell me what is the real life expectancy of a patient?”

Dear Dr Punewali, I am in my mid-20s. I got infected with this deadly virus 8 months ago. Can you please tell me what is the real life expectancy of a patient? I told everything to my girlfriend and she has agreed to marry me but I don’t want to infect her at any cost. We want to have children – is there any real way? I heard about sperm washing, is it safe??? Money is not a problem for me. I can go abroad. I can spend any amount. Please help. I will be thankful to you.


HIV today is a chronic condition, which means it is something that you can live with. Other chronic conditions that have no cure include diabetes. Therefore life expectancy is up to you.  It is very good that you have taken your partner into confidence. I suggest you both visit an HIV support group or counsellor to learn more about your status, how to best manage it, and also how to live a ‘Positive Life.’

If you want to visit a support group or counsellor to learn more, let me know and we will send you contact details. If you would rather continue this discussion over email, that could be done too. Again, rest assured that HIV can be lived with. For more information on Living with HIV you could also visit: www.thebody.com and also www.thewellproject.org.

Good luck! Be positive!

Dr Punewali

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