“…One thing is my parents. What they will feel when they will know about my status?”

Dear Dr Punewali, I am a man in my mid-20s. I got HIV from M2M (male sex with male). I don’t have attraction towards females. I had a sex without precautions and it is very shameful. Now I have no hopes from my life. I’m not worried that I’m homosexual and I’m HIV positive… only one thing is my parents. What they will feel when they will know about my status? Thanks.


First of all, HIV is chronic condition, not fatal. That means you can live with HIV provided you learn how to manage it. HIV cannot be cured, but neither can diabetes, another chronic condition. Life after HIV – provided HIV management can be learnt – can ensure that you live a long and healthy life just like thousands of other people living with HIV.

Also being a man who has sex with another man is your personal choice. Activists in the field of HIV are fighting hard to ensure that people like you have the RIGHT to choose your own sexual orientation. I understand it must be difficult to disclose your status to your parents, but I suggest you get in touch with an HIV Support group to learn more about your status and how to manage it, and also learn from the experiences of those around you in the support group.

If you require more information please let me know. If you want one on one individual counselling that is totally FREE and confidential then also let us know and we will forward you relevant telephone numbers.

Take care, and don’t worry! You’re not alone.
Dr Punewali

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