“Can this only happen if fluids enter the blood stream?”

Hi doctor. I need your help and fast, I had protected sex with a stranger about 4 days back, she looks quite healtly and even during intercourse the condom did not break but still I have doubts. Can I be infected with AIDS even if her or my body fluids did not enter each other’s blood streams and also my sperm did not enter her body, it remained in the condom..pls reply fast..thanx


Condoms are an effective method of protection from HIV provided they are used correctly. HIV can only be contracted if infected bodily fluids (only blood, semen, vaginal fluids or breastmilk) enter the blood stream. This means there must be a window into the blood stream, ie. a cut, scrape, lesion; for the infected fluid to enter.

An HIV Positive person looks just like you or me, just because someone is living with HIV doesn’t mean that they have AIDS or are even sick. It is not possible for you to know this woman’s HIV status just from looking at her.

If you are concerned and would like to talk to someone or get tested the testing centre at Deep Griha Society, 13 Tadiwala Road, does HIV tests for Rs150 and offers free and confidential pre- and post-test counselling.

All the best

Dr. Punewali

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