“I don’t get erection by myself”

Hi, I am very much tense these days. I am 26 years old guy. I have a problem of self erection. Till 1 month before I was totally OK, I get the erection by myself whenever I imagine about sex, but these days I don’t get erection by myself. I want to consult this with doctor, but I do not know the best doctor whom I can meet in Pune. Could you please help me with solution. I would be very much grateful to you. Thank you.

First of all, please don’t worry, it happens to all guys at some point. This is fairly normal. There are many reasons why you may be having difficulty, some of which are: stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, boredom with routine, and poor diet. Have you experienced any of these recently?

Do you wake up with an erection in the morning? If so, the problem is not medical but in your head.

Maybe try news things such as switching your grip, try different lubricants and get creative.

If it does persist, please do go and see a doctor, particularly a urologist (a doctor who specialises in penises). We do not have any doctors who specialise in this field however we recommend to try Sassoon Hospital.

Best of luck
Dr Punewali

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