“Broken condom”

Before few days I had went to one professional prostitute and during sex condom got torn, I might hit few strokes after condom failure, but when she ralised and told me to check condom I stopped immiediately, condom was fully tored and only rubber ring was on the penis, I stopped sex immidietely and went out. Now I’m so scared. Please tell me what to do? And what are chances of HIV infection?


Do not stress yourself out too much. You’re right to be concerned, but don’t be scared.

Before I get into details about chances and statistics, you need to know there are people to support you no matter what your status is.  The first thing to do is to talk to someone about it. Meet with some of our staff and they can answer every question and worry you may have. We can also teach you how to properly apply a condom so that next time it won’t break.

The next thing to do is to get tested. Because HIV has a 3 month window period where you can test negative but be infected, it’s best to get tested after three months, six months, and a year. In the meantime, while you still don’t know your status, it’s best to avoid sexual activity. After all, there are other Sexually Transmitted Infections which you may have picked up. If you are going to have sexual relations, use safer sexual practices, such as using hands.

According to statistics, your chances of having contracted HIV from a very brief bout of unprotected vaginal (I’m assuming) sex are very low, likely less than a .8% chance that you contracted HIV. However, different factors can effect the likelihood that you were infected. For HIV to be transmitted to someone, sexual fluids or blood must enter the blood stream. So unless you had any sores, cuts, or lesions on your penis, you’re probably OK. And even if you did contract HIV, you would be alright. With proper care and management, you can live happily with HIV for many many years.

Still it’s best to get tested, and not just for HIV.

Come to Deep Griha at 13 Tadiwala Road and ask for DISHA. We will provide counselling and arrange testing.

All the best,

Dr. Punewali

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