“Chances of getting infected by HIV in massage parlour?”

Few days ago I visited a massage parlour in Pune. It was a genuine massage parlour. But I was more concerned about the hygeine of that place. Massage therapist were same gender. Male to male. Two men gave massage. Underwent kerala ayurvedic oil massage. Used their towel, slipper and bathroom. My concerns: Are there any chances of getting infected by hiv in the following ways? 1. Lied down on the massage table (it was oily) 2. Used their undergarment – not use and throw 3. Two men massaged – their bare hands? 4. Used their towels 5. Used their slippers 6. Used their bathroom, stood bare legged. I didn’t use even slipper in the bathroom as it was too slippery. Concerned about any uncleaned body fluids like semen etc. would have lied on the bathroom floor. Any chances that would have entered into my blood stream as I generally peel outer skin in the leg. Had a small crack kind of cut in the leg. Please tell me the chances of getting infected by HIV. Thanks for your support in advance.


The short answer to your questions is “No”. You could not have gotten HIV in those ways.

But I’ll explain. There are ONLY 4 ways to contract HIV:

  1.  Unprotected Sex
  2. Mother to Child
  3. Infected Needles
  4. Blood to Blood (e.g. transfusions)

You mentioned that you did have a cut on your leg which leads me to believe that you may know something about how HIV is passed, but sometimes knowledge is overwhelmed by irrational fear. So I’ll explain further. First, unless it was an extremely fresh cut and extremely fresh blood or sexual fluid, there is no chance you could contract HIV. Why? As soon as a scab forms over the cut it is sealed. No fluid will have direct access to your blood stream. Clotting takes care of that within minutes of a cut. Next – the longer that an infected fluid is outside the body, the less likely it is to be infectious. The virus dies when exposed to air. The chances of contracting HIV through a cut on your leg from fluids on the floor are so infinitesimal as to be completely negligible.

It is impossible to contract HIV in the other ways that you listed. HIV is ONLY contracted through blood or sexual fluid entering the blood stream.

If your visit to a legit massage parlour has stirred these worries in you, I’m guessing that you must be scared of HIV pretty often. No worries, there is a way out from this irrational fear. Come talk to us, attend a bootcamp, and you will know everything you need to about HIV. If you haven’t got the time, do a little self-education. There are plenty of resources out there.

Here’s one I found which answers your question: http://aids.about.com/od/technicalquestions/f/hivoutside.htm

Get free from the fear,

Dr. Punewali


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