“Recently diagnosed HIV+”

I was diagnosed HIV+ recently. i am also HBV+. My anti HBC (total) is positive. HBeAg-, DNA-. Is there any treatment for my desease?


There is treatment available for HIV. This treatment will not kill HIV but will help you control HIV so that you live a long and healthy life. Hospitals and clinics in Pune provide post-test counseling and treatment for HIV. It is also important you talk to a doctor or a specialist about your HIV status in order to understand the virus better and to learn about the risks of infection to others around you. You can go to Sassoon Hospital for both counseling and treatment or one of our partner NGOs Deep Griha Society on Tadiwala Road. If you are not in Pune, any big hospital in India should be able to provide counseling and treatment (do a Google search for HIV treatment in your city).

You will also be able to discuss your Hepatitis B status and any treatment with a doctor at Sassoon or any other hospital.

There are many good websites that talk about HIV treatment. Avert is good and easy to understand.

All the best,

Dr Punewali

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