“Urgent inquiry!”

Hi, I need some urgent guidance from your side. Well my wife is complaining to her relatives that I am impotent and I don’t have any erection, which is absolutely wrong. I would request you to let me know what test need to be done for this.  I had got a test on testosterone done, along with LH and FSH awaiting my report  need your guidance to suggest me the test which I need to undergo for penis erection and any other test which you think is relevant to show that I don’t have any issues.

Waiting for a quick response.


Dear AG,

First, let me say that I am not a medical doctor. This advice column is primarily for issues regarding HIV, but we are happy to answer other questions related to sexuality as well.

I am not sure the best way to prove to your wife’s relatives that you are capable of having an erection. I suppose you could prove it by showing them an erection, perhaps to a male relative.

If you wake up in the morning with an erection, there is likely nothing wrong with your physical ability to become aroused. However, our mental and emotional states can often interfere with erections. Severe stress may make it difficult to become erect.

We should probably clarify – is the alleged problem impotence or sterility? Impotence is the inability to get an erection. Sterility is the inability to get a woman pregnant. If your wife is only complaining about your erections, that should be easy to prove. If she is complaining that you are unable to get her pregnant then you would need tests on your sperm quantity and quality and should consult a fertility specialist.

It sounds like perhaps this conflict with your wife may be due to something other than your sexual ability. Perhaps the issue of impotence is brought up because your wife is unhappy with something else? I assume she would know that you are capable of getting an erection and maybe is lying to her family because she is angry about a different issue.

The solution to your issue may not be proving that you are capable of an erection, but working out the underlying issues with your wife. Perhaps consider seeing a couple’s counselor.

I hope this was helpful.

all the best,

Dr. Punewali

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