“Should I test again?”

Hi Dr Punewali this is 28 yrs old man. Before few days I had sex with prostitute and during intercourse condom was torn. After 3 months I got tested my self for HIV the test was negative and after completion of 6 months I retested blood from private laboratory that time as well result was negative . The test used was Elisa (kit used was Tri dot ). Is there any need to test my blood again? Please help me I am scared. Also mention HIV testing centres in pune where I can have reliable HIV test without any formalities means without any personal information. Govt hospitals are always very crowdy and they require to fill forms and all. Please help.


First of all I like to compliment you on having protected intercourse as well as taking the responsibility to get tested.

You wrote us that you received a HIV test 3 months and 6 months after the incident. If you have not had any unprotected sex or other exposure for 6 months, you can be sure you do not have HIV.

The body starts to produce antibodies against the HIV virus within 6 weeks of a infection, for a normal person these antibodies can be detected after three months, this is the window period. In your case there were no antibodies detectable after 3 and 6 months so you can be sure there were no antibodies and therefore there is no infection.

As for your other question, there is a list with testing centres on the website. You can help us improving the quality of this list by filling out the online anonymous questionnaire.

Please feel free to contact us any time you have a question.

Dr Punewali

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