“Do I need to go for HIV test?”

Hello, I had a sex with several prostitutes in past but always weared 3 condoms while having sex.Do I still need to go for HIV test?


Dear Kumar,

It’s very good you have been protecting yourself and the sex workers by wearing condoms. I’m happy to hear that!

However, it might sound weird to you but using 3 condoms is less safe than using just one. Condoms are designed and optimized for using one at the time, using more than one increases the risk of damage to the condom.

That said, if you never had a condom burst, come off, or other problems that can compromise the safety of a condom, there is no need to test yourself for HIV.

Keep in mind that giving and receiving oral sex bears a very small risk of contracting HIV. You can include this in your consideration.

I hope this helped you with your question.

Don’t hesitate to contact me again if you have further questions.

Kind regards,

Dr Punewali

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