“Sex problem – ejaculation happens in few seconds”

I want to meet you so that I can discuss the  sex problem which I’m having. During sex I realized that ejaculation happen in few seconds  so I’m not enjoying sex and the most worst thing is that my penis won’t get straight it hardly erect so cannot insert my penis in vagina.

Please advise the genuine doctor who will help me. I don’t trust those who put their advertisement in public toilet that all sex problems get solved visit us only once, I believe is completely fraud.

Please guide me and provide me contact address and phone no.



Our expertise is mostly in the field of HIV, but here is some general advice:

To ensure that your penis is fully erect, spend more time on foreplay before beginning intercourse. Also, your inability to get fully erect could be a result of anxiety or nervousness. Try to relax. Health issues such as being overweight, or having poor circulation can also effect your ability to get an erection.

There are several ways to increase your time before ejaculation. The natural way is to work on controlling ejaculation when you masturbate. Try stopping and starting until you learn to control the timing. Strengthening the PC muscle can also increase your control over orgasm.


Although I can’t comment on the effectiveness of these products, there are sprays and gels available which can temporarily numb the penis.

I hope this is helpful.

Dr. Punewali

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