“How reliable is Tridot test?”

Are Tridot tests reliable after 7 weeks and 3 months? I have tested negative on them both. I also had a negative DNA PCR test at 7 weeks post exposure. So is it safe to say that i am not infected with HIV?? Am I HIV free?
-worried guy


Dear worried guy,

The Tridot is a very reliable test which detects antibodies against HIV; however, not everyone has made enough antibodies at 7 weeks to detect them. This is why a period of three  months is the golden standard to perform the Tridot. Almost all people will show antibodies against HIV three months after being infected.

The PCR is usually not used as a screening method, because it gives a lot of false positive results and is more expensive. However, it can detect HIV more quickly after infection than antibody tests.

In your case both at 7 weeks and at three months the Tridot came back negative and the PCR was negative. Unless you had exposure to the virus after the test, you need not to worry about the virus.

Hope this answer gives you some peace in your mind.

Kind regards,

Dr. Punewali

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