“HIV from slight bleeding?”

Hi, I’d gone to Amsterdam where I had protected sex. I had had circumcision around 1 month before I went to Amsterdam. After sex I removed the condom and masturbated on the breasts of the prostitute. Upon reaching home I saw that I had slight bleeding (seems the stitches after circumcision had not healed completely). Even though I was wearing a condom during sex, I am a bit apprehensive about contracting HIV as I had had slight bleeding which would have been exposed when I had masturbated. What are the chances of contracting HIV in the above mentioned scenario? Should I go in for the test? Also in case you feel that I should go in for the test, can you please give more information regarding the procedure in any of the hospitals (Ruby Hall, Sancheti etc), ie do I have to fill forms etc; and also regarding the time that would be taken in the hospitals, as I would prefer a result on that day itself.
Thank you.


Thanks for trusting me with your problem.

There is no risk in contracting the virus in this way. If you had penetrated her (vaginal, anal or oral) without condom there would have been a chance of getting HIV, and even higher since you were bleeding so more accessible for the virus. However, you describe having sex with condom (I assume that didn’t tear) and after that masturbating yourself. Even though you were bleeding a bit, contact with her skin will not have resulted in a change of getting infected. I recommend you read-up (for example, on our website) on how HIV is transmitted. Considering the above, it is not necessary to go for a HIV test.

Please consider for future reference that damaged surface of your penis (or anus/vagina for that matter) does increase the change of HIV transmission in unprotected sex.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me again.

Kind regards,

Dr. Punewali

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