“HIV from oral sex?”

Dear Doctor, please help me–I am not sleeping very well, always thinking I am in the risk of HIV. I met one girl, but I don’t know if she is a prostitiute or good girl and if she is HIV positive or negative. I had a oral sex with her, not vaginal or anal. We both are dressup we never become naked. She was offering to me vaginal sex- I refused her option and just rubbed her body. I become wet my cums came out in my dress underwear and trouser we both are dressup never become naked. I never did penetrative sex she never touch my penis also we were just kissing to each other not very deeply. So in this way can I get the infection of HIV? Can I have a risk of HIV? Please help me and which test I have to do for this? Please send me the reply as early as possible. Regards


Thank you for trusting me with your question. HIV is transmitted only through four bodily fluids: blood, vaginal fluid, semen/pre-cum and breast milk. For HIV to spread, the fluid with the HIV must come in contact with one of these four fluids in your body; for example, during unprotected sex. Even with kissing, HIV cannot be spread because the virus does not live in saliva. There is no way for you to get HIV through kissing or rubbing someone’s body. However, you mention that you also had oral sex. Though the risk of spreading HIV through oral sex is small, it is still a possibility if there are any cuts or sores in the mouth. It is unlikely that you have HIV because of oral sex, but since it is still a small risk, I would recommend that you get tested. The test is free, safe and confidential- nothing to worry about. You can come to Deep Griha Society (13 Tadiwala Rd), Sassoon Hospital, NARI, or a number of other centres around the city. I hope that this information is helpful.

Kind regards,
Dr. Punewali

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